The Freelancer Christmas wish list

Christmas is just around the corner, businesses slow down and clients are becoming a little more hand-tame these days. The perfect time to reflect the past year and to make future plans as a freelancer. At the end of the year we have asked 7 freelancers what they wish themselves and their beloved ones for Christmas. And no, it’s not all about fancy gadgets, more assignments, less work and bonanza... “Okay it’s Christmas. Another one of those times you wish people could just read your mind and g

Desirability and Consistency in UX Design

If you’ve read quite a bit about UX design, you’ve probably read about the 7 factors that influence UX design. Namely, Usefulness, Usability, Find-able, Credibility, Desirability, Accessibility and last but not least, Value. I would like us to focus on just one of these, Desirability. If you had to choose, hypothetically speaking, between a FREE Lamborghini and a Mercedes Benz, which one would you choose? I bet you’d choose the Lamb, and most people would; because the Lamborghini is more desira

To wireframe or not to wireframe

Now that is the question. Are wireframes still relevant? Wireframes, wireframes, wireframes! Well if you’re like me, you probably started doing this when it was called web design and graphic design; and you probably used wireframes to quickly capture your moment of genius and allow the creative juices to flow. Today however, my good friend, it is UX and UI design; and everyone is screaming Wireframes. I find that the lines have become a bit blurred between wireframes; as we traditionally know

Productivity tools any freelancer must have

Being self-employed has great benefits; one of them is working on different and exciting projects and not having to do the same tedious tasks each and every day. Freelancing grants most of us the opportunity to work from almost anywhere, but also means planning for projects, time management, marketing and invoicing clients – falls squarely on your plate of responsibilities. Every freelancer has at one point had to juggle projects from a number of clients, each one at a different stage of comple

8 Crucial Financial Tips for Freelancers

The majority, if not all freelancers, dread dealing with the financial side of freelancing. It can definitely take the joy out of doing what you love, and of course freelancing also means you have to double as the financial manager. As frustrating as it might be, crunching the numbers doesn’t have to be a horrifying experience. Let’s have a look at some ways you can insure a secure financial future and still continue doing what you love to do – freelancing. Avoiding taking responsibility of you